Best Natural Supplement Booster For Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the single most influential part of the human male physiology.  From a young age, it plays a very important role in determining everything from growth, to body composition, to how well the male body will function. It is the driving force behind hair growth, muscle mass, muscle shape, and muscle strength. As far as sex drive goes, testosterone is one of the primary forces that lead to sex drive being as tenacious as it is in young adulthood and beyond.  Like most parts of the body, with age, it begins to disappear, losing the potency and amount as time passes.

Beginning in the late twenties to early thirties, adult males begin to see a slow but noticeable decline in the amount of testosterone in the body.  The body begins to grow muscle slower without proper exercise. Muscle doesn’t possess the same quick recovery and easy accruement of strength that came naturally during youth.  One of the more impactful but negative side effects of testosterone levels declining with age manifests in the form of less frequent and softer erections in men.  Erectile dysfunction appears seemingly randomly, initially showing as acute episodes but in some men can continue until it becomes a chronic problem.  Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. Despite the harsh sounding name, it is not as bad as it seems.  It is an easily treatable problem for some.

For others it can be slightly challenging due to what it tends to require.  First, low testosterone can be natural, caused by the progressive effects of aging.  It’s symptoms can be manageable and easily treatable as long as it is acted on effectively.  Second, there are a few causes of lower testosterone in men that are not the result of aging.  More often than not, it is not just the side effect of aging when experienced early. Low testosterone levels with observable symptoms are the result of poor lifestyle choices.  Adult males that are obese or overweight experience significant raises in estrogen and lower levels of testosterone. Individuals that do not engage in regular exercise on some level are at risk for lower testosterone levels than normal.  At the same time, studies have shown that fitness in adults males is often overlooked as age advances. However, it is one of the more important factors for managing low testosterone levels.


Studies have supported that resistance training goes a long way toward raising the natural testosterone levels in men over the age of sixteen and has been shown to have the greatest impact when used consistently as most men age.  High fat content in the body coupled with a poor diet that raises estrogen whilst minimizing the effects of testosterone lead to lower general testosterone levels.  Poor diet when compounded with obesity and lack of exercise manifest lower testosterone levels before age even becomes a factor. Once age is added in, it becomes a drastic decrease in genital functionality and can lead to impotence or ED.

As far as options go, the best treatment for lower testosterone levels and related health issues is always the most natural.  Supplements are extremely effective when coupled with increasing overall lifestyle quality through removing negative habits.  Finding the best natural testosterone booster for low testosterone levels is not an easy task.  As of now, the best testosterone booster available for natural consumption and enhancement is Edge HPX developed by Androgenyx, a small health supplement company focused on male performance.  Edge HPX was developed with discretion and natural implementation in mind. The main function that makes it so effective lies in its nitric oxide reaction.  This increase in oxygen flow to the penis improves the quality of blood flow and thus the durability and sensitivity of erections.  Edge HPX pills are easily consumable with or before meals to maximize effect. An Edge HPX supplement is designed as a complementary part of an effective and long lasting testosterone boosting plan.  Edge HPX’s ingredients are all natural, sidestepping the nasty side effects that many testosterone treatments make seem to be a requirement for treatment.  The average daily dose is approximately two Edge HPX pills taken, once in the morning and once at night.  When compared to competitors, the price point is easily manageable.  Edge HPX supplements cost a fraction of any invasive or prescription hormone treatments and has been tested extensively.  Edge HPX is far safer than any comparable product.  While it’s one of Androgenyx’s two main products for treating testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction, Edge HPX is one of the most important general supplements to incorporate into a testosterone boosting treatment system.

How to treat Hair Loss?

Does Hair 2 Point 0 really work in concealing hair loss?

Waking up in the morning and noticing a bald patch on the head can be a scary experience. According to a study by the Hair Institute, bald patch and thinning hair results in poor self-confidence and affects both the sufferer’s personal and professional life. Bald patching and hair thinning are usually caused by poor nutrition or environmental factors. They can be reversed to some extent by removing the primary problem, i.e. following proper nutrition, replacing chemical shampoos with milder natural ones, etc. But how to deal with bald spots in the short term?

There are a few good hair products that can help conceal balding spots and thinning hair. Hair 2 Point 0 is one such product, made of high-quality keratin. Keratin is the building blocks of human hair. These microscopic fibers are precision cut to give them an appearance close to that of the human hair. Once applied, they are indistinguishable to the human eye. Use these hair fibers to conceal bald spots or to add volume areas that have thin hair and notice the difference.